Review of Toe Talk “Be Mindful” Non Slip Grip Socks For Yoga ~ by Eliza

Review of Toe Talk “Be Mindful” Non Slip Grip Socks For Yoga – by Eliza
Toe Talk Be Mindful Non Slip Grip Socks For Yoga
What Would You Say If:

You Could Have Socks That Inspire and Motivate You to Be Mindful?

What about ‘Non slip grip socks’ that have mantras like:

Be Mindful

Inhale. Exhale.

Seek Balance.

Breathe. Balance. Be.

Okay… I’m not one who likes to wear socks. I actually love to run around barefoot. If we didn’t get minus 30 degree weather in my area of the world I probably wouldn’t have to buy socks at all. LOL

On the weekend I was looking into a yoga course that my daughter recommended. One of the requirements is that you wear ‘non slip grip socks’.

This yoga class is a hot yoga class and they do not want you to slip as things can get quite ‘slippery’ when they turn up the heat.

Typically yoga is often practiced in bare feet. I think when you go barefoot you feel more grounded and balanced. But even the best yoga mat can sometimes get slippery when you get heated up and sweaty!

Now, I wasn’t even sure what a ‘non slip grip sock’ was or would look or feel like. My thoughts went to those crazy hospital type socks that make your feet sweat and feel heavy. They make you feel like you were carrying around a heavy weight.

So off I went to the internet to research the types of ‘non slip grip socks’ that might work for a Yoga, Pilates exercise class. If I was going to buy a ‘non slip grip sock’ it had to have the following characteristics – cute, fun, and comfortable.

After a few hours of reading and researching I came up with a pair of socks that I think I would love to buy! I hope you like them too!

It is usually really hard for me to get excited about buying socks. However, when I came across the Toe Talk Socks, I was sold. There was something not only unique about these socks but the story of the creator which I found intriguing?

The founder of the company, Toe Talk is Jan Beresford. The story goes something like this… Jan was taking a Pilates class and was struggling with the poses and holding correct form.

It is said that she looked down at her feet for help in being able to do the correct form and different positions. When she did this she is said to have asked the question, “If my socks could speak to me, what would they say?”

From this question her Toe Talk site was created. She has created socks ‘with a voice’. Her socks have a variety of inspirational, motivating mantras printed on them.

Her socks remind you to be focused, balanced and mindful.

As you probably know if you have been following my mindfulness articles you know I love using mantras and affirmations on a daily basis.

When I came across these socks I went WOW! What a great way to add a little extra mindfulness into your day!

Before I review the Toe Talk Be Mindful Non Slip Grip Socks, I want to take a look at what non slip socks are and what to look for in a non slip sock.


Another name for non slip grip socks is Yoga, Barre or Pilates socks. They are a pretty cool yoga accessory for those of you who find your yoga mat gets slippery. They are designed with little non slip silicone or rubber bits on the bottom of the sock to help prevent slipping or sliding around on your yoga mat or floor.

These types of socks come in a variety of sizes and styles. There are low cut, toe holes, toe-less, knee-length, tube style and they come in a wide range of colors and patterns.


The advantages of wearing non slip grip socks go beyond the extra grip they provide. Let’s look at some of the additional benefits you may receive from non slip grip socks:

Protect The Skin on Your Feet. Some exercise studios, in particular yoga studios often have a no shoe policy. If you do not like the idea of exposing your feet to fungus or other viruses non-slip socks might be for you.

Keep Your Feet Warm. If you are the person who finds they tend to get chilly during an exercise session these socks will keep your feet warm whether it is an air-conditioned room or winter time.

Wick Away Sweat From Your Feet. If you tend to get sweaty feet, non slip grip socks will keep your feet and exercise mat dry with their wick away fabric.

Safer Non Slip Grip Surface. Non slip socks are often lightweight and work well on mats, tile, wooden floors and more…


Here are four things you might want to consider when looking for that perfect pair of non slip grip socks: fabric, style, grips, and size.


You want to look for breathable fabric that will absorb sweat and prevent it from getting on your mat or floor. They are often made from natural materials such as cotton and bamboo or synthetic materials.

Cotton and bamboo tend to have a softer feel whereas synthetic materials are often promoted as being better moisture wicking and having antibacterial properties.


There are a wide variety of non slip grip socks on the market. You can find ankle to knee-length socks with closed or open toes.


All non slip socks feature an anti-grip bottom that usually goes from heel-to-toe. These grips can be bumpy or flat. Some people prefer the bumpy style as they tend to offer a bit of a massage or if you are more of a sensitive type person, you might prefer the flatter anti-slip styles.


Some non-slip socks are super stretchy and are a one size fits all. Others socks come in multiple sizes for both men or women.

Your non-slip socks should sit snugly and gently hug your feet. They should not twist or bunch up.


Before you purchase your non slip grip socks check the manufacturer’s washing instructions. Some socks can be put in the washing machine, others require hand washing.

It is suggested if you want to wash your socks in the washing machine, turn them inside out and wash on the gentle cycle. Avoid fabric softener, do not put in the dryer or add bleach.


Color: Black With Pink Lotus Flower Jacquard


  • STYLISH DESIGN – These inspirational motivational non-slip socks are reported to look as good as they feel.
  • SAFETY – The non-slip grip fancy shape patterns on the bottom are created for maximum coverage for your mat, tile or wood floors.
  • USES – Great for yoga, Pilates, lounging, gym, wear as slippers or inside your hiking or ski / snowboarding boots and more….


73% combed cotton, 25% polyamide, and 2% elastic blend

One size fits women’s shoe size 6-10 US

stretchable and breathable

reinforced toe & heel for extra durability

Y heel construction for better fit

machine washable dry inside out

cute yoga-inspired design

for any occasion–yoga, Pilates, Barre, or lounging around the house

come in a variety of mantras (Be Mindful; Inhale, Exhale; Breathe, Balance, Be; Life is a Journey – Embrace It)

option to purchase in gift package


Some people thought they felt too thin

My Final Thoughts…

Toe Talk’s non slip grip socks come with a variety of Mantras. They are colorful, soft, and inspirational. The fun shapes of the non-slip grips on the bottoms of the socks are so cool!

Each one comes with a message, or mantra that is printed across the front of the sock. Amazon has a variety of different mantras to choose from. I liked the ‘Be Mindful’ mantra.

Whether you choose to purchase the ‘Be Mindful’ mantra sock or one of the many other mantras, you will find these cotton blend non slip grip socks are recommended by viewers to be warm and cozy, but still light and breathable, enabling you to feel grounded and connected while you do your Yoga, Pilates workout or lounge around your home.

I am excited to try these inspirational socks. I invite you to do the same. If you decide to give these cool, fun socks a try, come back and leave my a comment.

With Mother’s Day just around the corner, you might even want to pick up a pair for your mom at the same time.

You can find them on the Toe Talk Website and they’re also sold on Amazon.

If you enjoyed my review and found it helpful, I would be honored if you were to share it with your friends, family or on social media.

Please note: I do get a small commission if you purchase this product through my Amazon affiliate links, but there is no extra charge to you.

Mindfulness is simply being in the present moment. If you are one who enjoys using mantras or practices mindful eating, reducing stress or living that healthy lifestyle – these cool mantra inspired socks may just be the right fit for you!

Until next time,

Cheers, Eliza

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2 thoughts on “Review of Toe Talk “Be Mindful” Non Slip Grip Socks For Yoga ~ by Eliza

  1. What a great idea – inspirational socks! I sometimes have a hard time getting myself motivated to exercise. I can see myself wearing these. I’ve just placed an order. Cant wait for them to arrive!

    1. I’m glad you liked my review on Toe Talk ‘Be Mindful’ Non Slip Grip Socks for Yoga. I have bought several pairs from Amazon. I love the inspirational messages. They help me stay motivated too.
      You will be pleased with your socks once they arrive… they are sooo comfortable!
      Thanks for purchasing from my site. It is greatly appreciated. I hope you enjoy your socks as much as I do.
      Cheers, Eliza

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