Review of the Silent Mind~Tibetan Singing Bowl by Eliza

Review of The Silent Mind ~ Tibetan Singing Bowl by Eliza

Singing Bowl
I’ve been practicing mindfulness for the past couple of years and I’ve wanted a singing bowl for a long time. I have finally decided I it is time to buy one.

Singing bowls date back in time to that of the historical Buddha Shakyamuni (560 – 480 B.C.). The tradition of the Singing bowls and the teachings of the Buddha were brought from India to Tibet, by the tantric master Padmasambhava in the 8th century A.D.

Singing bowls can be found on private Buddha altars, in temples, in monasteries and in meditation practices throughout the world.

But which one should I choose?

How do you choose a singing bowl?

My Grandma had this beautiful singing bowl sitting on her mantle of her fireplace. I was always mesmerized by it whenever I went to visit. My Grandma is no longer alive but my memory of her singing bowl is very vivid and still very much a part of my memories.
What I remember about my Grandma was that when she rubbed her “wooden stick” around the edges her singing bowl, it would produce a beautiful resonating sound that slowly got louder and louder the more she rubbed the bowl. Grandma said that the vibration flowed through the singing bowl and had healing qualities. She always looked so happy and relaxed while she used her singing bowl…almost like it had some kind of healing qualities.

As I was researching I discovered there are lots of varieties of singing bowls. These can be handmade, crystal, antique, chakra based etc. They all have their unique use and purpose. Some people use their singing bowl during meditation, lessons, music or as collector items.

Singing bowls are also referred to as Himalayan bowls, Tibetan bowls, whistling bowls or prayer bowls. They are often thought of as instruments that can be used in meditation, offering powerful healing properties and many people often use them to promote relaxation.
When you meditate with your singing bowl your brain changes structurally and your mind can heal both emotionally and spiritually. Buddhists have been meditating on the sound of Singing bowls for thousands of years.

Today many wellness practitioners use Singing bowls for helping in treatment.

Some health spas offer a massage where they will put a singing bowl on your skin and the vibrations from the bowl is thought to help heal your body.

I love the sound that a singing bowl resonates. So I set out on a journey to figure out how to select a singing bowl.

So How Do You Choose a Singing Bowl?

The best way to choose a singing bowl is to decide how you are going to use your bowl and how much you want to spend. Every bowl can be uniquely crafted and may vary in design, weight and sound.

It’s a good idea to listen to the tone of several singing bowls before you decide to buy one in a store or online.

Often a tone will resonate with you and you immediately feel a reaction in your body. This reaction may be small, or it can be big and hard to ignore.

When you get that “feeling” you have your personal singing bowl.

The next step is learning how to use it. Your Singing bowl can help you relax or meditate.

How To Use or a Play Singing Bowl?

Strike it:

  • With your singing bowl either on the cushion or the palm of your hand
  • Keep your fingers off the sides of the bowl.
  • Gently swing it and strike it near the upper edge of your bowl.

Ring it:

  • Hold the striker or mallet against the upper edges of your singing bowl and slowly with even pressure run it around the edge
  • Changing the position and speed of your striker and mallet change the sound of your singing bowl.

Circle it: (The sound of the tone is just one part of the singing bowl experience. Circling the bowl is also a mindfulness practice.)

  • Paying attention to your breath while your mallet is circling the bowl, can help you enhance your mindfulness practice.

Health Benefits Of Your Singing Bowl

People say they use singing bowls not only for mindfulness, meditation, relaxation and also to correct chakra imbalances. The vibration and sound frequencies can help balance and maintain normal functioning of chakras. These vibrations are thought to reduce anxiety, stress and help control blood pressure.

There is some evidence that suggests that singing bowls can stimulate your immune system, and help you become more relaxed when you meditate. They may also help increase mental emotional clarity and well-being.

Some people use singing bowls to relax. When they move a wooden mallet around the edge of a hand-painted metal bowl tones of singing bowls provide a relaxing song. This is thought to open the gateway to “Nirvana” or that peace and calm that you seek.

Where do you find them?

Singing bowls are sold online, meditation centers, yoga studios, and music stores… It is suggested that higher-quality bowls tend to produce more quality resonant sounds.

In keeping all this in mind I have decided to purchase the Silent Mind ~ Tibetan Singing Bowl Set ~ Balance & Harmony Design ~ With Dual Surface Mallet and Silk Cushion ~ Promotes Peace, Chakra Healing, and Mindfulness.

Let’s take a look at my review of the Silent Mind Tibetan Singing bowl.

According to the Silent Mind website, The Silent Mind Tibetan Singing Bowl “fits perfectly into the palm of your hand. The resonance of the singing bowl is thought to synchronize brain waves to induce deep meditative and peaceful states, clarity of mind, and intuition.”

The energy the singing bowl gives when played is thought to be helpful to people who suffer from depression, body aches, and pains, and stress. It is yet another alternative to pharmaceutical treatments.

Even though The Silent Mind Tibetan Singing Bowl is smaller in size than more traditional models, the sound is still comparable and rich sounding.

This may be why The Silent Mind Tibetan Singing Bowl is Amazon’s #1 bestseller. The Silent Mind Singing Bowl is a perfect size for people who like to take a singing bowl with them when they travel.

The Silent Mind Tibetan Singing Bowl is great for people who are looking to increase positive energy into their lives.


  • Om Mani Padme Hum Design
  • 4 inch singing bowl
  • Fits in the palm of your hand
  • Comes with hand-sewn, non-dampening pillow, and a leather pencil-grip striker
  • Hand selected and inspected
  • Perfect for meditating
  • Reduces stress: encourages the body[s relaxation response.
  • Restores Harmony: stimulates brain waves that lead to a relaxation response within you mind and body.
  • Optimal Healing: when combined with meditation and mindfulness helps the body to heal
  • Free User Guide eBook
  • 30-Day money back guarantee


  • Might take you some time to get used to making the bowl sing
  • A few people thought that the bowl was a bit too small for the price
  • Cleaning And Caring Of A Singing Bowl

Okay, you have purchased The Silent Mind Tibetan Singing Bowl, now, you should know how to look after it.

Your Silent Mind Tibetan Singing Bowl needs to cleaned on a regular basis. To remove the dust and marks, use white vinegar and a soft cloth. Or you can also use a little bit of lemon juice mixed with warm water and a soft cloth. If natural methods don’t clean your singing bowl you can also use a mild brass polish.

To avoid scratches and damages, be careful do not rub or grind the bowls on any hard surface. They do scratch easily according to reviewers.

While traveling always pack your bowls carefully and handle them with care. Be very cautious about dropping it on the hard surface, as the bowl can break or get permanently damaged.

To Wrap it up….

Although there is little scientific support for the healing effects of The Silent Mind Singing bowls, using a Singing bowl may help you relax and reduce stress, especially when used with mindfulness, meditation, deep breathing, and guided imagery. Studies show that by lessening your stress, each of these activities may help boost your overall well-being.

After researching online and reading through the large number of positive reviews on Amazon, including listening to the beautiful sound the YouTube viewers posted, I think The Silent Mind Tibetan Singing Bowl is a great option for you!

The Silent Mind Tibetan Singing Bowl can enhance your daily mindfulness and meditation practices and may even help heal your physical and emotional issues.

Just a reminder I think it is important that before you purchase, you to try to listen to Silent Mind Singing bowl either online or in store. Some reviewers on Amazon have also included videos of the bowls, so you can listen to the quality and tone.

I’m excited to incorporate a singing bowl into my health and wellness plan. I think it is an essential tool that can help you focus on living with more peace and calm and stay in the present moment.

Return to my site in the near future as I plan on making a YouTube video of me playing my Silent Mind Tibetan Singing Bowl.

Quote: Do you know that our soul is composed of harmony. – Leonardo da Vinci

Affirmation: “I am love”

Until next time,



P.S. Disclaimer: I do make a small commission on this item if you purchase it through my link here on my website. There is no added cost to you if you purchase on my site as the price is the same as on Amazon. If you like my review I appreciate you purchasing through my link as it helps support keeping my website up and running. 

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