Review of the GrowOya ~ porous clay irrigation vessel by Eliza

Review of the GrowOya ~ porous clay irrigation vessel by Eliza

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I have found a really awesome way to water your plants to help you conserve water or for when you are not able to be home or are away on holidays.

Let me introduce you to the GrowOya Vessel. It is a terracotta porous clay irrigation vessel or pot.

The GrowOya Vessel waters your plants in a natural, efficient way. The porous nature of the terracotta pot allows water to seep through into the soil. This pot was created to help you save water in your garden, planters and pots. The idea originated from an ancient technique for irrigation.

This technique is called ‘olla’ which is actually pronounced ‘o-ya’. Wikipedia defines olla as “a ceramic jar, often unglazed, used for cooking stews or soups, for the storage of water or dry foods, or for other purposes. Ollas have a short wide neck and a wider belly, resembling beanpots.”

When I came across the GrowOya Vessel I was so excited. I’m going to let you in on a little secret – I’m not very good at watering plants and I do not have a green thumb. I know… this is sad, but I do love the idea of having beautiful plants in my yard and fresh veggies growing in a garden or in pots.

Are you looking for a way to save water and time?

I think The GrowOya terracotta porous vessel may just be the best gardening ‘support’ for you. Not only will the GrowOya help you conserve water, with the GrowOya you don’t have to worry about watering your plants every day. This is great for those of you who go away for a few days on small trips during the summer months or growing season.

You can also fill your larger GrowOya vessels and leave them for up to 10 days so they should last for a week if you go on vacation too! I haven’t actually tried this as I have just ordered my GrowOya vessels and can’t wait to give them a try.

What’s great about the GrowOya vessel is that the water goes right to the roots. The idea is that the plant roots will grow toward the clay pot where they’ll get the water they need to grow. The water will not run off or evaporate like it does when you water the ground. With the Oya you simply place it in your pot, planter or garden, and then fill it with water every few days.

This sounds so easy, peasy… your plants get the water they need and you save time and save water too!

Let’s Review the GrowOya vessel

~ made of terracotta

~ saves time as you only need to water every 5-10 days depending on size

~ releases water near the roots so it promotes root growth

~ reduces weeds due to less surface watering

~ comes in 3 sizes small, medium and large:

Small: 5″ in diameter; 7″ height; capacity 1 liter or water; will water 2’x2′ garden area.

Medium: 7″ in diameter; 10″ height; capacity 3 liters of water; will water a garden area of 3’x3′

Large: 10″ in diameter; 13″ height; holds 6.5 liters; will provide water for an area of 4’x4′


~ your GrowOya vessel can not stay out in the winter. You need to dig it up and bring it inside in the fall or it will crack or break

Here are some handy tips about GrowOya Vessels:

~ When you first start your seeds you need to make sure you also water the surface of the seeds until their roots become established. Once your plants are established a root system the GrowOya is ready to do its job.

~ dig a hole deep enough to bury the Oya and leave it sticking up enough to add water

~ You should find some water drops stamped into the neck of the GrowOyas. Bury your Oya to the bottom of these teardrops.

~ It is estimated that a GrowOya vessel could give you a water savings of up to 70%!

~ It comes with a silicon lid to keep water in and bugs out (those pesky mosquitoes) *some reviewers on Amazon stated that it did not come with a lid, but this was a packaging error and the company has responded to each reviewer with offering to mail out a lid.

~ The small GrowOya is designed for your patio pots and planters. It works well where you have a small growing space of up to 2 feet long or wide. This size can be planted in any garden space and only needs a depth of about 6 inches of soil.

~ The GrowOya pot or vessel will constantly sweat and may leave a puddle of water. If you are putting your pot on a deck or patio, you will need to place a small tray or plate underneath it so that it doesn’t leave a stain.

My Final Thoughts…

The GrowOya terracotta vessel looks like a gem in my opinion. It looks easy to set up, easy to use and best of all it is environmentally friendly. I love that there are three size choices. I have ordered several small ones as I want to try them in my herbal pots.

(Unfortunately planting outside is a ways off for those who live in Alberta, Canada like I do. However, I plan on planting some herbs inside and adding a small GrowOya to the pot and seeing how they do.)

I like the idea that the GrowOya vessel can be used both indoors and outdoors. I look forward to being able to water my plants less often and being able to get away for a few days without having to worry about my plants drying out in our hot summer weather.

If you have tried or are thinking of trying the GrowOya Irrigation Vessel, let me know in the comment section below. I will be returning to this review once I’ve had a chance to try out my small GrowOya vessels to give you more feedback on what I found.

What others are saying…

The small GrowOya pot keeps my pansies well watered both inside and outside.

The GrowOya vessel keeps my plants alive while I travel.

Since using my GrowOyas I have lost less plants due to forgetting to water them.

I would be very appreciative if you liked my review or know someone who is looking for an GrowOya vessel that you pass my review on to them or share it on social media.

Quote: Flowers always make people better, happier, and more helpful; they are sunshine, food and medicine for the soul. ~ by Luther Burbank

Affirmation: I am growing a beautiful organic herbal garden.

Until next time,



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2 thoughts on “Review of the GrowOya ~ porous clay irrigation vessel by Eliza

  1. These look so cool. I’ve never seen them before.

    I am thinking of trying them in my garden. We like to go away for several days at a time in the summer and these may just work to keep our planters watered ‘TIL we get home.

    I’ll let you know how they work in the summer.

    1. Hi Beckie, that’s awesome that you are going to try the GrowOya vessel in your garden. I was so excited when I came across them.

      I usually have a hard time keeping my plants watered while I go away for a few days in the summer. I generally lose some of my plants.

      I’m hoping the GrowOya is my solution too!

      I look forward to hearing how well they work for you this summer!
      Cheers, Eliza

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