First Experience With EFT or Tapping ~ by Eliza

My First Experience With EFT or Tapping by Eliza

first time tapping

If you read my last article ….. I introduced you to EFT or Tapping. EFT means “Emotional Freedom Techniques”. This is a simple easy to learn practice where you tap on various meridian points of your body to quickly improve your well-being. It provides positive lasting changes making you a happier healthier you!

EFT or Tapping, works on your physical pain or diseases that are connected to your negative emotions. It helps you by looking at the emotional issues behind the pain or diseases you are experiencing.

When you are Tapping you are working on ‘letting go of those negative emotions” and trying to align your mind, body and spirit.

I tried my first Tapping session this week. I did a basic tapping from The Tapping Solution Website 

Here is a chart of the Tapping Points.

The Tapping Chart

On the Tapping Solution site, Nick Ortner leads you through a “little Tapping script to clear resistance and old habits. He suggests trying it for a week and seeing how it works.

Before you begin always rank how you are feeling out of 10.

For me I think I’m “feeling that I am holding onto old habits at about a 9/10 before tapping.”

Check in with yourself when you finish tapping.

Take a couple of deep breaths before you start.

Using your fingertips of your right hand tap the Karate chop of the left hand and say the following words….(Continue on to each Tapping point)

Karate Chop: Even though I haven’t been using Tapping as much as I could, I deeply and completely accept myself.

Karate Chop: Even though I could have made my life easier by using Tapping on (fill in the blank of a recent time when you might have used it), I choose to relax and forgive myself now.

Karate Chop: Even though I’m not used to turning to Tapping to solve my problems, I choose to start using it. I choose to become more resourceful, and to remember to use this powerful tool!

Eyebrow: I haven’t been tapping

Side of the Eye: Why not?

Under the Eye: Am I sabotaging myself?

Under the Nose: Maybe…

Under the Mouth: Or maybe I just forgot

Collarbone: Maybe I’m just not used to doing this

Under the Arm: But I can start using it now

Top of the Head: I’m tapping now!

Eyebrow: And that’s great

Side of the Eye: I choose to remember

Under the Eye: To tap!

Under the Nose: I choose to develop this positive habit

Under the Mouth: That can help me so much

Collarbone: It will make my life easier

Under the Arm: And that’s a choice I want to make

Top of the Head: I choose to tap when I most need it

Repeat several times, And “let it go”.

Take a deep breath…

Check in with yourself when you finish tapping. Now rate your issue. My rating went down to 2/10. I actually felt a huge difference.

How did I feel with my first experience tapping?

I have to admit I felt somewhat strange tapping on the different spots on my body. I think if anyone had been watching me they would have thought I was weird!

I felt kind of like a monkey when I tapped under my arm and on top of my head. (can you visualize this)

Even though I felt a bit weird doing the tapping, I felt a bit of relief and calm when I finished. Sort of refreshed and more relaxed.

Tapping has you focus on what’s bothering you while you tap on your acupuncture points. I felt I could still feel the thoughts I was having but didn’t feel the stress or anxiety that I had attached to it earlier.

I found it quite empowering that I was able to let go of my negative thoughts. This ability to let it go was similar to what I feel when I do my mindfulness meditations.

While Tapping, I was able to allow myself to release that fear of what I was emotional about. By tapping through the emotion I was able to “face the fear, and feel the feeling that was bothering me and this helped me release.

I am quite fascinated by this process and am excited to continue learning more.

My final thoughts…

I’m really not sure if it’s science, psychological or something else, but I truly felt a shift when I was tapping. Something definitely was at work while I was experiencing the effects of EFT.

I highly recommend you give it a try if you are having any emotional trauma that may be keeping you stuck. Tapping has been known to help with weight loss, pain, depression, autoimmune, forgiveness and even financial abundance and wealth.

Tapping helps align your body’s physical, emotional, and energetic connections in order to promote health and abundance.

Come back soon to check out more exciting information on EFT or Tapping.

Quote: “Even though we do call it self- healing, we do not actually heal ourselves. What we do is open to something that allows healing. Dr. Kim Deramo

Affirmation: I am grateful; I am successful: I am worthy.

Until next time,



P.S. If you are interested in purchasing any of The Tapping Solution Books, You can get them on Amazon. Please note, I do get a small commission if you purchase from my links on this page but there is no extra cost to youl

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