Do Etee Wraps Really Replace Plastic – by Eliza

Do Etee Wraps Really Replace Plastic – by Eliza

Etee Wraps

Review of the Etee Organic Reusable Food Wraps

Natural, Sustainable, Reusable, Alternative Solution Instead of Plastic Wrap For Your Food Storage – keeps your food safe, fresh, and protects the environment TOO!

Yay! I’m so excited my Etee wraps have arrived. I know it’s kind of sad that I get this excited over a delivery.

You see, I came across the Etee Organic Reusable Food Wraps at a trade show dealing with natural products for the environment. People there were demonstrating wrapping foods in the Etee wraps.

The wraps not only look cute in their many colors and different patterns, but are functional too. The Etee reusable beeswax wrap almost looked too good to be true!

Of course, if you know me, I have to research everything to death before I will buy it! So with curiosity in full swing, I decided to investigate this reusable, washable, organic and ‘eco-friendly’ food wrap that is making tidal waves all over the internet and social media.


WHAT ARE THEY (Why are these Etee Organic Reusable wraps so popular?)

The Etee Organic Reusable Food Wrap is a ‘stiff-ish’ but flexible wrapper style material that and can be folded, squished or stretched. The waxy paper like cotton fabric comes in various sizes. It is a great alternative to use instead of plastic wrap, baggies, bags, containers or other plastic materials.

If you are like me, I used to have enough plastic bags stuffed under my sink to last a lifetime. I am finally proud to say that I now use Etee wraps and cloth bags as often as I can for most things!

The surface of the Etee wrap is coated with beeswax and a tiny bit on non-GMO soy wax, organic jojoba oil (for the aroma) and a little tree resin to give it that waxy texture.

They also contain two essential oils – organic cinnamon essential oil, and organic clove essential oil that are added to mask the slight honey aroma that the beeswax gives off.

I find the smell pleasant and not overwhelming at all. The wraps come in a variety of colors and the dyes that are used are considered to be 100% organic and non-toxic.


Egyptians were known to wax cotton as far back at the 15th century. Application of beeswax to cotton was primarily used to waterproof materials used in the shipping industry. The beeswax made it so the cotton adhered to the food surface but kept the food from absorbing the odor, or color.

Beeswax was used in many products throughout history but it was one of the first materials to be used instead of plastics. According to Wikipedia, “beeswax was among the first plastics to be used, alongside other natural polymers such as gutta-percha, horn, tortoiseshell, and shellac. For thousands of years, beeswax has had a wide variety of applications; it has been found in the tombs of Egypt, in wrecked Viking ships, and in Roman ruins. Beeswax never goes bad and can be heated and reused”.


When we look around we see that plastic is used everywhere. There are plastic bags, containers, tools, appliances, and of course wraps – cling and saran are just two types that come to mind.

Yes plastic wrap is relatively cheap, but that doesn’t mean that it doesn’t come with other costs. Just because a product is convenient, and available doesn’t mean that we shouldn’t try to find more environmentally friendly options.

Most plastic wrap and baggies are not biodegradable and end up in our landfills. There are studies that suggest some plastics leach chemicals into the foods, especially if they are exposed to heat like microwaves or being left in a hot car. These chemicals can cause cancer and wreak havoc on your hormone systems among other things.

I for one, would rather find alternatives, and skip the convenience of my saran wrap to protect myself and my family from hormonal issues, cancer never mind protecting our future generations and the environment.

What about you? Love to hear your thoughts in the comment section in the sidebar.



Antimicrobial: Creates a seal around your food that does not allow mold to grow. The food stays fresh and does not lose moisture or dry out.

Organic: Etee beeswax wraps are completely organic. There are no chemicals to contaminate your food.

Reusable: Rinse under cold water with some mild detergent. Some foods might stain your Etee wraps and you might not be able to get all the stains off, but it does not affect the quality of the product.

Moldable: Coated with beeswax and a bit of non-GMO soy wax, which allows it to wrap and cling to foods easily. The tree resins keep the material from cracking even in the fridge or freezer (max. 30 days)

Saves money: You get about 120-150 uses – depending on how often you use them – Some people have reported they have got about 6 month or more out of them. (1 wrap 5 X week – 36 weeks in half a year….I think that is a lot of saran or cling wrap being replaced)

Biodegradable: Each Etee beeswax wrap can last for months just remember to wash it right away in a bit of dish soap and water then rinse and dry… Once it no longer has any life left, you simply toss it in the garbage. It is completely biodegradable and will break down within days vs plastics like Saran wrap; which does not biodegrade and will be in our landfill for a 1000 years or more.

Easy to clean and dry

100 % Satisfaction Guaranteed: 90 days 100% money back guarantee


Activate Wrap: You do have to warm up the wraps for a minute or so in your hands to make them flexible. This is referred to by the company as ‘activating’ the wrap. In reality, you are just warming up the beeswax so that it malleable and will stick to the food or the bowl.

Non-microwaveable: Please note these wraps cannot go in the microwave as high temperatures will cause the wax to MELT. Also, be careful around any heat source as getting too close to the stove top or a heat register will cause the wax to melt. Leaving you with a mess to clean up.

Can not use with raw meat: The company does not recommend that you use these wraps to cover raw meat.

Freezer: Do not leave in freezer for more than 30 days.


Definitely YES!

I couldn’t be happier with the decision to purchase the Etee Organic Reusable Food Wraps. I love the idea of reducing my plastic dependency and swapping out my cling wrap, Ziploc baggies and containers.

I must admit I am still not entirely plastic-free with all my products at home, but I am getting there.

The Etee wraps are safe, easy to use and can save you a lot of money in the long term. However, the best part about the Etee wraps is that they are not leaching harmful chemicals into our food, or filling up our landfill.


Using the Etee Organic Reusable Food Wraps… folding my half-eaten foods like cantaloupe, avocado, grilled chicken, eggs or nuts into little packages made of Etee wraps was not as hard as I thought. They were easy to use and I didn’t miss my saran wrap at all.

I know I probably drove my family and coworkers a bit crazy with how excited I was at how they worked.

I must admit it did seem kind of ‘old fashioned’ – made me think of the show ‘Little House on the Prairie’, but in a COOL way! When I was young we actually used waxed paper to wrap our foods.

Another unexpected thing that I liked was that the warming of the wrap within your hands was a positive mindful feeling or experience that was quite relaxing! What a great way to squeeze in a couple minutes of mindfulness.

In attempting to green your home with products for daily use, starting small and making small shifts at home, replacing your usual products and tools with more eco-friendly version hopefully will lead to not only a healthier you; but I think every little bit we do plays a part in helping our environment too!

So, you may be a lot like me and not sure if these Etee wraps are right for you when I first saw them – my suggestion is give them a try. I know you will thank me and yourself for ‘going for it’ after all I did all the sleuthing for both of us…

Also, I would LOVE to hear about your experience with these wraps. So, PLEASE write in to me it you decide to try them out.

If you enjoyed reading my review as much as I enjoyed writing it, feel free to share on social media or pass it on to a friend who will thank you for introducing them to Etee Organic Reusable Food Wraps – they’re HABIT changing!

Quote: “You cannot get through a single day without having an impact on the world around you. What you do makes a difference and you have to decide what kind of a difference you want to make.” —Jane Goodall

Affirmation: My awareness is always open to change. From moment to moment, it senses everything in my environment

Until next time,



P.S. Get Your Etee Reusable Food Wraps Now – Try them risk free for 90 days

Disclaimer: Please note that my articles may occasionally contain affiliate links. I may receive a small commission, but there is no cost to you.

If you enjoyed my article and choose to purchase Etee Organic Reusable Food Wraps I would appreciate your business and thank you in advance.

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