Chefman Best Electric Egg Cooker – by Eliza

Chefman Best Electric Egg Cooker – by Eliza

Best Electric Egg Cooker

The Chefman RJ24-V2-Red Modern Stylish Design Electric Countertop Egg Cooker – could possibly be the Best Electric Egg Cooker on the market!

Do you love eggs for breakfast, lunch and /or supper? If you are like me and the other millions of people in the world who love eggs, you probably eat eggs at least once a day! LOL Well maybe not once a day, but usually a few times per week.

Do you find your eggs don’t always turn out the way you had hoped! Perhaps the Chefman Electric Countertop Egg Cooker might just be the appliance for you!

Eggs are so versatile. You can eat them soft or hard-boiled, scrambled, poached, in an omelet, frittata or in a sandwich the options are infinite – There’s no denying that eggs make an easy GO-TO meal or snack anywhere, or any time of the day!

Some people say they love eggs, but just don’t have the time to prepare and cook them. Others say they just can’t seem to get the knack of making a proper egg. If this sounds like you… then this best electric egg cooker is going to be a pleasant surprise for you!

An electric egg cooker can simplify the process of prepping and cooking making it easy to have your eggs turn out perfectly every single time. Why not give the Chefman RJ24-V2-Red Modern Stylish Design Electric Countertop Egg Cooker a try?


The Chefman Electric Egg Cooker is a versatile little appliance. It fits nicely on your countertop without taking up too much space. Weighing in at only 1.3 pounds, it has a BPA free bowl that you can use to not only cook your eggs, but steam veggies, and other foods too! What a great little appliance for cooking up your breakfasts, lunches, suppers or healthy snacks!

I love its modern design and think it would look great on any counter. The red color really appeals to me, but if you don’t like red it also comes in a black version too! I think Chefman has put a lot of thought into the visual appeal of their electric egg cooker.

The Chefman Electric Egg Cooker comes with a clear ventilated lid which I think is a cool option. I tend to be one of those cooks that likes to see what’s cooking without having to lift the lid.

There is also a convenient tray lifting tool to assist you with removing the eggs when they are done – how cool is that! They also provide you with a poached egg tray and a water measuring cup to ensure the eggs are cooked perfectly every time.

Your best electrical egg cooker comes with a timer that beeps when the eggs are ready and also has a built-in automatic shut off feature too!

Another must have feature, at least for me is that the appliance has to be easy to clean. Most of the parts of the Chefman Electric Egg Cooker can go into your dishwasher making cleanup A BREEZE!.


Club Chefman

With each purchase of the Chefman Electric Egg Cooker you get exclusive membership to ‘Club Chefman’! This membership allows you access to hundreds of recipes for a wide variety of meals even those for special occasions.

If you are the type that would prefer to watch a video about the recipe the “Club Chefman” is definitely for you. Professional chefs from around the globe provide you with tips, tricks and recipes that you have at your fingertips to watch whenever you are in the mood to cook something new. You can also search for ideas and recipes and save them to use at a later date!

PRODUCT INFORMATION: Chefman Electric Egg Cooker

Model : RJ24-V2-Red

Material : Plastic BPA free

Capacity : up to 6 eggs

Wattage : 120V, 360W

Weight : 1.30 lb or 612 g

Dimensions : 6″ x 8″ x 6″ or 18.5 x 18.5 x 21.8 cm

Cord Length : 30″


Simple, easy to use

Cooks faster than stove top method

Cook up to 6 eggs at a time – no cracked eggs

Measuring cup with egg piercer

Tray for poach, scrambled, eggs or omelet

Tray lifting tool

Easy, large On/off button

Buzzer tells you when eggs are cooked perfectly

Auto shut off if there isn’t enough water

Stylish beehive look with clear lid

Easy to clean – most parts can go in the dishwasher

All parts can be stored in the egg cooker – no losing pieces

1 year warranty

Free access to Club Chefman: recipes, videos – help from a chef and more


May have to adjust the water level to customize ‘how hard-boiled’ you want your eggs. (You do get to be a PRO at this once you use it a few times.)

Need to clean stainless steel tray as it can build up with minerals from your water. (Easy to fix by cleaning with a bit of vinegar and water and wipe dry with paper towel after each use)

A few people felt the buzzer was quite load (that actually could be a good thing if you are busy getting ready for work in another room.)

WHAT I LIKE – Saves You Time and Energy

The Chefman Electric Egg Cooker takes the guesswork out of cooking your favorite type of eggs. Make your favorite eggs – hard, soft, poached or scrambled, with a push of a single button and your eggs will cook without any need for you to stir, flip or watch them cook.

The egg cooker is extremely easy to use. Just pour the amount of water for your style of eggs into the heating plate using the provided measuring cup.

Add you eggs to the tray, cover and “push the button”. There’s even a pin on the end of the measuring cup to pierce the eggs with to prevent shells from cracking.

This best electric egg cooker even comes with a tray lifting tool that allows you to remove the hot eggs without having to wait for them to cool. HOW FUN IS THAT!

Your Chefman egg cooker is not only fast, but uses less energy than boiling water. There is even a user manual with clear instructions on how to ‘customize the settings’ and clean your egg cooker. (Which by the way is easy peasy as all removable parts can go in your dishwasher)

AND Don’t forget the membership to Club Chefman!

Who would have thought making eggs could be so EASY!

MY FINAL THOUGHTS: The Chefman Electric Egg Cooker is an ‘eggcellent’ option for anyone who is short on time or wants an easy way to prepare their eggs. It can COOK your favorite type of eggs in less time than the traditional stove method saving you both time and energy!

If you found my article helpful and are ready to purchase a Chefman Electric Egg Cooker, I would appreciate you using my link. I am an Amazon affiliate which means I do get a small commission if you purchase this product through me, however there is no extra charge to you.

Feel free to share my review of the Chefman Best Electric Egg Cooker with your family, friends or on social media. They will thank you when they see what a great ‘little’ appliance this is!

Recipe: Grandma’s Scrambled Eggs


6 eggs

Pinch salt and pepper

2 Tablespoons shredded cheese (any hard cheese will work – I like cheddar)


  1. Pour appropriate amount of water using Chefman measuring cup
  2. Scramble each egg in a small bowl and pour into tray
  3. Put lid on electric egg cooker
  4. Push button
  5. When buzzer rings remove eggs and place on serving dish
  6. Add a pinch of salt and pepper
  7. Sprinkle on some shredded cheese (optional)
  8. Enjoy

Quote: “You don’t have to cook fancy or complicated masterpieces – just good food from fresh ingredients.” –Julia Child

Affirmation: I am so grateful to be choosing food that supports my best health.

Until next time, Get ‘crackin’ those eggs…

Cheers, Eliza

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